Lean Startup course timetable for Fall 2012 has been now set.
The course runs as follows:

2012 - 'Fall' Course Time Table
Day Time   Venue
 Tuesday (lecture)
 17:00 - 19:00
Garage, 3rd Floor
 Wednesday (lecture)
 16:00 - 18:00
 Garage, 3rd Floor
 Thursday (exercise) 10:30 - 12:30
 Garage, 3rd Floor

Faculty Of Computer Science,
Garage, 3rd Floor,
Piazza Domenicani,3
39100 Bolzano

Our Pitch:
Startups are fresh, novel, imaginative, 
weird, fast and lucrative. Like David Weekly put it :
"There is no finish line. So love the journey."
This is what we are doing!

This course provides real world, hands-on learning on what it's likely to actually start a high-tech company. This class is not about how to write a business plan. It's not an exercise on how smart you are in classroom, or how well you use the research library. You will be getting your hands dirty talking to customers, partners, competitors, as you encounter the chaos and uncertainty of how a startup actually works. You'll work in teams of 2 student learning how to turn a great idea into a great company.

The Lean Startup explains how one learns by trying out the initial idea and then measure it to validate what the effect was. The key elements for startups are the experimentation, iterative product release, measure progress of the idea and gaining valuable customer feedback. With this course you will learn 
  • Evaluation of the business idea.
  • Finding a business model.
  • Customer discovery and validation.
  • Operating and decision making in chaos with insufficient data.
In the 2012 - 'Spring' page, you will find the company ideas as they have been developed by the students.

Lecturer   : Prof. Pekka Abrahamsson 
Email        : pekka.abrahamsson@unibz.it

Assistant  : Dron Khanna
Email        : Dron.Khanna@unibz.it