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Success Criterion

The views expressed by the students of 2012 - 'Fall'.

The Course is Success if they can learn from  Lean Startup Bolzano:-

1.     We learn something from life.

2.     We get to know the feeling of being an entrepreneur.

3.     Learn from mistakes.

4.     We get to know the feeling of failure.

5.     I start at least one business.

6.     I get funding for a business.

7.     I will be able to push myself.

8.     To work an idea into something concentrate.

9.     I find a good team for working and developing ideas.

10. I reach the level of a working start up.

11. I learn how to do from other student of another faculty.

12. If we can turn a failure into a working net.

13. I get to know the great new ideas of the all other participants of the course.

14. I learn something new.

15. Get some practice.

16. I produce something that makes me earn money.

17. I learn how to pivot.

18. Learning from failures.

19. Expanding and modifying business ideas.

20. Experience in entrepreneurship.

21. Broaden my knowledge.

22. I try a successful teamwork.

23. It will give me creative ideas and a knowledge base to allow me to start doing “things” my own way.

24. We learn how to break our comfort zone.

25. We establish an idea that at least some people get excited about.

26. We fail at something at least once.